How data is driving decisions

August 9, 2012

— In sports just as in business, data can mean the difference between winning and losing. In basketball, new ways of recording and synthesizing sophisticated information can create game-winning plays. Want to learn more about how data is turning the game into a greater art?

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LA Times

October 27, 2013

Advanced statistical analysis, common in baseball, is taking hold in NBA, which spotted MLB a 10-year head start but is catching up fast.

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2012

June 13, 2012

Deconstructing the Rebound with Optical Tracking Data. Winner of the 2012 RP Grand Prize at the MIT Sloan Analytics Conference


March 2, 2012

Mastering the variables of speed and time raises the ceiling on the effect of basketball analytics.


June 13, 2012

The Nascent Power of Optical Tracking Data.

KPCC Airtalk Interview

June 14, 2012

The Nascent Power of Optical Tracking Data.


June 13, 2012

Can USC researchers change the NBA through science?

USC Viterbi

April 3, 2013

Second Spectrum wins Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2013

March 2013

DataMorphing: Dynamic Interaction with Basketball Big Data


January 3, 2014

Alums Bring Big Data to the NBA



The company is led by a veteran team of top engineers, scientists, and operations professionals. We are focused on creating the next generation of cutting-edge sports technology.

Rajiv Maheswaran

CEO, Co-Founder

Rajiv studied in Applied Mathematics, Physics and Engineering as an undergraduate at UW-Madison, Electrical and Computer Engineering as a doctoral student at UIUC and Computer Science as faculty at USC.

He co-founded and co-directed the Computational Behavior Group with Yu-Han at USC where they investigated how to understand and model what people did and help them make better decisions, particularly when it involved movement. Second Spectrum combines two of his biggest fascinations: science and sports.

Yu-Han Chang

COO & Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Yu-Han spent the last 15 years making machines smarter, first getting interested in "machine learning" as an undergrad at Harvard, then as a Ph.D. student at MIT, and for the past seven years as a professor at USC.

He co-directed the Computational Behavior Group with Rajiv at USC's Information Sciences Institute, where they led multi-million dollar projects to develop spatiotemporal pattern recognition techniques for data ranging from vehicle tracking to social media to mobile games. These days he applies these techniques to help machines make sense of the most detailed motion data in the world.

Jeff Su

CTO, Co-Founder

Jeff has nearly 15 years of experience growing and leading engineering teams at successful startups. His experience spans from the early dotcom days at Idealab to the time he spent as the first hire at Factual (an industry-leading big data company) serving as a Staff Software Engineer and the Director of Shanghai Operations. Jeff plays point guard and is an avid tennis player.

Lai-Ki Wong

Vice President of Operations

Lai-Ki has extensive experience in operational, administrative, human resource, and financial management in support of executive leadership and the growth of organizations. Her experience includes over 10 years at Goldman, Sachs & Co., most recently as Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of West Region Investment Banking. Lai-Ki holds a B.A. in Economics from Barnard College, Columbia University.


Second Spectrum is backed by two veteran VC partners, with decades of business expertise and who were involved with some of the most successful startups from Silicon Valley over the past two decades.

Mark A. Stevens


Mark A. Stevens is the Managing Partner of S-Cubed Capital. He is a special limited partner and former managing partner at Sequoia Capital, a global venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, CA. Mark joined Sequoia in 1989 as an associate and became a partner in 1993.

During his tenure at Sequoia, Mark invested in and served as a director for numerous successful companies; he continues to serve on the Board of Directors of NVidia. Mark lectures part time at Stanford. He holds BS/BA/MS degrees from USC, and an MBA from Harvard.

Andy Rappaport


Andy Rappaport is a Partner Emeritus at August Capital. During his tenure, he served on the boards of more than 30 public and private companies. Prior to joining August Capital in 1996, Andy was involved in the formation and success of more than a dozen venture capital-backed start-ups.

In addition, as founder and president of The Technology Research Group, he provided business-strategy counsel to senior executives at many of the largest electronics companies around the world, including Alcatel, AT&T, EDS, IBM, and Intel.



We still can't believe we get to do what we do every day. We solve some of the most interesting and challenging problems in engineering, while helping elite sports teams win.

Scaling big data algorithms, adapting cutting-edge machine learning techniques, and designing new visualizations are all ways we transform data into valuable information that everyone from coaches to casual fans can understand. Our field of play has plenty of opportunities for smart, dedicated engineers and product visionaries to play hard. Relevant experience is a huge plus but not necessary. Team spirit, aptitude, and attitude are what we value.PERKS



We provide lunch (and breakfast and dinner if needed) and a fully-stocked kitchen (including plenty of ice cream sandwiches).


In-house fitness facility, pool and spa are available upstairs on the roof deck. Helipad also available if you need it.


We have a full-size basketball hoop hovering in the middle of our office. In the rec room, there is ping pong, pool, and foosball.


Our offices are in sunny LA. Experience the beaches, mountains, Hollywood, and one of the most diverse cities in the world.

To find out more, send a message and your resume to:


We transform data from numbers to insight. Our proprietary platform can process large-scale spatiotemporal data to create analytics and semantics that extract meaning and generate interactive visualizations in real-time. Our goal is to enrich the way people interact with, understand, and enjoy sports.


Second Spectrum was founded in 2013 by Rajiv Maheswaran, Yu-Han Chang, and Jeff Su. Rajiv and Yu-Han initially began work on NBA player tracking data as a side project with some of their USC students. Their first work won the Best Research Paper Award at the 2012 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, catching the attention of several sports teams and leagues.

Jeff joined the team as it became clear that the needs of professional sports teams would be far greater than the scope of a research project. Second Spectrum was founded to deliver a battle-ready real-time system to deliver spatiotemporal analytics, turning huge volumes of incomprehensible numbers into easy-to-understand interactive visualizations and metrics. Second Spectrum serves the needs of sports teams and leagues who seek a competitive advantage. Our Eagle system delivers interactive analytics to leading NBA teams.


Big data has arrived in the big leagues. From optical player tracking to sensors in uniforms, new technology is changing the way sports can be seen. But, there is a big gap between seeing and understanding.

Second Spectrum bridges this gap. We bring spatiotemporal pattern recognition, analytics, and interactive real-time visualization to sports. Second Spectrum takes technology born in cutting-edge research labs, combines it with with industry-leading scaling and speed, and applies it to the most interesting motion data in the world.

The second era of sports is near. We're here to make it happen.




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