October 22, 2018

Second Spectrum Opens UK Office

Second Spectrum, the world leader in building machines that understand sports, is proud to announce the opening of a permanent UK office. The new UK office will be based in Manchester and will be Second Spectrum’s fifth office worldwide. Second Spectrum is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Shanghai and Lausanne.  


The primary focus of Second Spectrum’s UK presence will be expanding on its existing work in global football producing player and ball tracking data, automating delivery of football insights and advanced analytics, and delivering new fan experiences. While initially serving as a business development resource, it is planned to expand to a European hub.  


“Global football represents a critical part of Second Spectrum’s future. Building on a strong foundation of clients, and the best technical team in sports, we are on a mission to transform the way the game is played, coached, and experienced worldwide. Opening a UK office is the next step on this journey, and we are thrilled to be able to call a place as important in football history as Manchester home.”


Rajiv Maheswaran, CEO


Leading the UK office will be Paul Hunt, who recently joined Second Spectrum as Executive Director. Paul has spent the better part of 20 years working for football clubs in and around the English Premier League and English Championship in senior management roles. Most recently, Paul worked at STATS, leading business development in performance in the UK.  


“Now is the perfect time for Second Spectrum to put ‘boots on the ground’ in Europe,” said Hunt. “Second Spectrum has made significant advances in Europe from its US base and the new office signals our commitment to expanding our work in European football as we grow our product suite.  


“I am extremely excited about joining Second Spectrum, and having now seen our products and services first-hand, I am looking forward to working with new and existing clubs and delivering success across Europe.”  


Second Spectrum will be well represented in the coming months at industry events in Monaco, London, Madrid and Barcelona. Please make contact below should you wish to meet up at any of these events and learn more about Second Spectrum’s European football strategy.  


About Second Spectrum


Second Spectrum is using intelligence to change the way sports are played, coached, and experienced.


Second Spectrum is the world leader in building machines that understand sports and are experts at creating value from tracking data. We create tools that help teams save time, discover new insights and communicate across organizations by making data and video easily accessible and actionable. We bring fans closer to the game by automatically creating augmented video and interactive personalized OTT experiences. We are partners of professional and amateur basketball, football, soccer and hockey teams around the world, leading sports content distributors, and we are the Official Tracking and Analytics Provider of the NBA. Our work is just beginning.  


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