May 24, 2017

Second Spectrum Joins Football Tracking Panel in London

Second Spectrum recently participated in a panel discussing how player tracking data is transforming association football.


The panel touched on a range of topics, including tracking data’s role in transfer/contract negotiations, how different sports utilize this new wave of information, how the field has evolved, and what are some of the future implications of data in sports.


Mike D’Auria, Vice President of Business Development, represented Second Spectrum on the panel. Other panelists included Tom Fox, President of San Jose Earthquakes and former CCO of Arsenal/CEO of Aston Villa; and Alan Clarke, CEO of STATSports. Ian Lynam, Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, moderated the event, which took place at the law firm's London offices.


Second Spectrum has revolutionized professional basketball by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to player tracking data. In just four years, the company has more than two-thirds of NBA teams as clients.


Capitalizing on its widespread success in the NBA, Second Spectrum is applying the same technology to domestic and international football clubs, where tracking data has yet to reach its full potential. Second Spectrum has quickly emerged as a thought leader in the sport; the New England Revolution recently discussed our work with the club in Sports Illustrated.