June 1, 2016

Second Spectrum Intern Class of 2016

Second Spectrum is excited to announce our latest class of interns! We are looking forward to having them join our teams in Los Angeles, Lausanne and Shanghai this summer.



Los Angeles, United States

  • Anna Frederich, MIT
  • Diana Choung, Art Center
  • Gabrielle Rivera, MIT
  • Grant Wenzinger, Cornell
  • Jeremy Tong, Brown
  • Jonathan Huang, Dartmouth
  • Jonathan Li, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Justin Leong, Caltech
  • Mary Thielking, MIT
  • Nikhil Mitra, Columbia
  • Roshan Agrawal, Caltech
  • Sarthak Sahu, Caltech
  • Sean Duggan, Stanford
  • Sean Oh, Dartmouth
  • Sierra Lincoln, Caltech
  • Tim Menninger, Caltech
  • Trevor Cai, USC



Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Pierre Walch, EPFL



Shanghai, China

  • Hale Ge, Tongji
  • Michelle Gu, Tongji
  • Yuefeng Shen, Tongji