Win More Games.

Video. Reports. Insights. Tracking.

Our unique and unmatched data set of machine-learned video indexing helps you know more, share more and win more by watching every second of film and automatically understanding everything that happens in the game.


Find and share videos instantly.

Easy access to video is everyone’s biggest problem. Solving that problem is our priority.


Our video platform can ingest your existing video sources or we can record your games using our state-of-the-art camera system.


Using our system and its unique and unmatched data set of machine-learned video indexing, you can search every game and find any desired action within seconds.


Our software automatically indexes the video giving you instant access to any action on the court, pitch, or field.


Get reports the way you want them.

Our system delivers automated pre-game, post-game, team and player reports. Improve workflows by sending PDF reports directly to your inbox, ready to print if needed. Reports can be customized to capture the metrics critical to your organization.


Gain information most useful to you.

Our system answers your team’s most important questions. Our platform combines powerful video querying, intuitive visualizations, advanced statistics and customized reports in one simple interface.


Leverage the most advanced player tracking system in the world.

Our player tracking system applies state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques to produce fast and accurate location data for basketball, association football and several other sports. We are the Official Optical Tracking Provider of the top league in both basketball and soccer. Our data powers new ways for teams and leagues to understand, evaluate, improve and create content about their game.

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