Engage Fans Like Never Before

Second Spectrum enables new and compelling content and experiences through interactive applications and augmented video that help media, teams and fans visualize and personalize the game.

Augmented Video
Reimagine the Sports Viewing Experience.

Our real-time video augmentation pipeline allows us to produce informative and visually appealing content. Our ability to rapidly create differentiating content enables visual customization at a scale that has never existed before.

Interactive Applications
Next-Generation Content for Next-Generation Audiences.

Dig deeper into every story. Tell stories in new ways. Producers, editors and fans can create hundreds of stories in minutes through simple web interfaces or embeddable APIs.

Video and Research Platform
Uncover Compelling Stories.

Our video and research platform amplifies and accelerates the abilities of writers, producers, editors, and commentators to discover compelling stories and easily find relevant video. Organizations like ESPN have used our platform to power extensive coverage of the NBA playoffs and produce hundreds of pieces of novel content.

Find Plays within Seconds
Access Years of Game Footage
Utilize Extensive Search Capabilities

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