Core Values

Who We Are

Team First
We believe that the best work is done by effective teams. We do not let egos get in the way; the goals of the team are what we all work toward. We value dependable, nice and helpful people who are willing to make individual sacrifices when necessary to help the team achieve its goals.
Embrace Change
We endeavor to positively change the world and ourselves and that these changes are connected. Change requires flexibility and fosters learning and growth. Flexibility, learning and growth enables and is ultimately measured in the positive change to ourselves, our team and the world around us.
Be Audacious
We strive to achieve ambitious goals and enjoy doing so. We are driven to innovate and advancing the state of the art despite constraints through creativity, scrappiness and effort.

If you enjoy collaborating and solving challenging problems as a team, Second Spectrum is the place for you!

Work with us

Are you team first? Do you embrace change? Enjoy audacious endeavors? Consider joining our team!