Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based, automated tracking systems collect position data for every player and the ball, across multiple sports.  Our highly advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms produce data that goes well beyond traditional tracking, and enables a much more detailed level of machine understanding.  Trusted by top professional sports leagues and teams, Second Spectrum will be the NBA’s official tracking and analytics provider beginning October 2017.        


Understanding the Game

One of the key differentiators is our system's ability to understand a sport at the level of a professional coach. We have built a machine that can watch a game, and identify every action or event on the court, field, or pitch.  We can identify detailed events previously unavailable for analytics, such as identifying every pick and roll, and every aspect of how each pick and roll plays out (e.g. did a ballhandler “take” or “reject” a screen, did the defender respond with “show,” “soft,” “blitz” or “ice” defense?).     




Our analytics software instantly answers NBA and EPL teams’ most difficult questions.  Our platform combines advanced statistics, intuitive visualizations, powerful video querying and customized reports in one simple interface.  Two-thirds of NBA teams - including the past two champions - trust our software and services.



Advanced analytics and machine understanding is not just about events and numbers. We link every game action to the precise moment in the video in which it occurred. Want to see every Curry/Green pick and roll where the defense switched?  Done. Every Redick/Jordan wide-pin off-ball screen from last season? Done.  What used to take days for a video staff to compile now takes seconds.