Media companies now have access to the same level of analytics that our professional team clients have relied on for the past three years.  Our research platform enables writers, producers, editors, and commentators to easily uncover compelling stories. Organizations like ESPN have used our platform to power extensive coverage of the NBA Playoffs, producing hundreds of pieces of content.      



Our interactive Storyboard software amplifies the traditional box score by artfully and intuitively displaying sports data. Take a closer look into any story line, matchup, or headline throughout the season. Broadcasters, producers and fans can create hundreds of stories in mere minutes through a simple web interface. Our Storyboard product works across a number of platforms, including digital, broadcast, and social. We also use Storyboard as a STEM-focused educational tool, using sports to educate young students.

Our work is consistently featured on leading sports broadcasts including ESPN, Fox Sports, Comcast, MSG, TSN, among others.




DataFX gives new meaning to the word “highlight.” Our augmented video clips are versatile, informative and visually stunning. Combining advanced analytics with cutting-edge design, DataFX provides your audience new insights into their favorite sport. We add context to data in beautiful and compelling ways, unearthing new stories about the game. DataFX can be shown in-arena, at home, on social, or on any device.