How will you experience sports in 2020?  Second Spectrum is building the fan experience of the future - today.  Existing streaming and OTT services simply provide the traditional TV broadcast.  Second Spectrum allows each fan to personalize their own unique experience, immerse themselves in the game, and interact with content and with each other in new ways.  We can’t say that much more beyond this, but what we can say is that sports will never be the same.

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We are re-imagining the sports app. Live streaming, replays, highlights, stories, stats, and analysis, all together, personalized, anytime, anywhere. 



Big Screen

For decades, everyone watched the same telecast on their TVs. There's no reason for this today. We will deliver what you want to see, when you want to see it, how you want to see it - with the people you want to share your experience. 




The future is here. With virtual and augmented reality, we will empower you to create the sports world you've always imagined living in. 



in Arena

For fans with tickets, we make the experience richer. Interact with the videoboard, with other fans, with compelling content. See more of the game, all from your seat.