Los Angeles

312 E. 1st Street
5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012




Where to ParkMap

Joe’s Auto Parks has an entrance on both 1st Street and San Pedro Street. You may park in any unreserved spot.

Finding Our Office

Our building is on the corner of E. 1st and San Pedro. The main entrance to our building is located to the left of the Chase ATM. To access the building, please use the directory located on the wall to the left of the double glass doors:

1. Select “Directory” on the display panel.
2. Select “Second Spectrum” and “Call Resident”.
3. We will be alerted to let you in and the doors will unlock.
4. Please use the elevators to come up to the 5th floor.

Directions from the Garage
  1. Take the elevator down to G1.
  2. Exit the elevator.
  3. Use the tunnel located diagonally across from the elevators to take you through to 1st Street.
  4. Once on the 1st Street sidewalk make a left past the Citi Bank (towards San Pedro Street).
  5. When you arrive at a brick building use the directory to enter the glass double doors. (Directions above)
  6. Take the elevator up to the 5th floor and you’re in!


Room 1005-1006, Huiyang Plaza
No.55 E. Tianlin Road
Xuhui District,
Shanghai, China



+86 21 5489 3920


Place Saint-Louis 7
CH-1110 Morges



+41 21 550 21 15