Current Opportunities
Our Groups
Teach machines to understand games, players, performance, health, time, and space.
Business Development/Sales
Work on strategy and sales to build next-generation platforms for sports video and analytics. Must be good with people and willing to roll up your sleeves. Travel will be required.
Computer Vision
Develop real-time techniques to obtain 2D and 3D representations of tracking events from video data.
Technologies AWS, C++, OpenCV, Python
Creating and developing innovative video content for use across multiple platforms.
Build internal tooling and cloud integration to fuel Second Spectrum’s creative, engineering, and data science endeavors.
Technologies AWS, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes
Business Operations
Backbone of the business. Air traffic controllers. Making Second Spectrum a great experience for employees and visitors alike.
Product Design
Creating thoughtful experiences for sports professionals & fans by developing a deep understanding of their needs and bringing value through design.
Product Operations
Support the delivery and execution of all products to our customers.
Solve for highly scalable, fault-tolerant, low-latency systems that reconcile feeds, visualize data, and serve high-quality video content.
Technologies AWS, Rust, Elm, Golang, TypeScript, React

State-of-the-Art Sports Performance Software and Technologies

Real-Time Automated Video Augmentation and Gamification